The Lady from Harry's


The Brown Turtle

Saw the brown turtle walking the streets early one morning


California Smog Poster

Maybe something for a bus shelter or a magazine.


the copic pen & markers on flash card series

using copic pens & markers is fun


saturday morning set up

morning coffee and sketching

Candy Colored Clown


pmaynez | BBQ berbers shopping list

No miscellaneous drawings for me this 4 day Holiday weekend (Labor Day).  
This is a sketch/shopping list I made in preparation for a BBQ a few weeks back.  I really enjoy drawing and I also love the culinary arts, it’s an art form I can eat. 
Roughed it into place with light pencil, then hit it hard with the copic pens, markers and opaque white paint last.  Use index cards


prismacolor black

Last year I drew on every page of a landscape sketchbook with prismacolor black pencils only.

This was done during tiny bits of downtime throughout the day


santa monica

oaxacan inspiration

Been inspired by oaxacan / mesoamerican art lately   -   Planned this poorly, need to try again 

The copic pens & markers are a endless source of amusement

post card

fun with the copic pens & markers

stuck a stamp on this and mailed it to florida!

lunchtime peoples

breakfast burritos

this place has good breakfast burritos, i sketched it without the cars, order extra salsa!


the pen & copic markers on flashcard series

copic pens & markers are fun to use
replace the nib on the 0.2 copic

the meeting

enjoying a beer and sketching in dtla