peter maynez | aviation

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the pen & copic markers on flashcard series

copic pens & markers are fun to use
replace the nib on the 0.2 copic

the meeting

enjoying a beer and sketching in dtla 


Equipment List, Vancouver, Bad Service and Lady Steak

the equipment for saturday morning drawing at the dinner table 

Been to Vancouver a couple times, it's so pretty, I really like it there. Was reminded of BC the other day and this highly inaccurate drawing was produced with the best intentions.

Was at verdugo bar for a birthday thing

At restaurant with Wife, drinking beers, catching up on each others day as I spot a giant lady eating steak


sausages & beer

its always nice to make an invitation for events, this was for last years "sausages & beer"


my aviation only tumblr

              check my aviation tumblr, it's aviation inspired images that i make and take

                                                                      peter maynez | aviation



inspired by something from yesterday